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28 September 2010 @ 09:24 pm
Sarsaparilla in the Rain  

The last Sunday in September was gray and overcast, and as the forecast called for rain I wasn't planning on going out anywhere. However, when the rain failed to materialize and boredom set in during the early afternoon I decided to go for a short walk at Sarsaparilla Trail. When I got there I was immediately besieged by an army of friendly chickadees looking for handouts, so I spent almost an hour near the trail leading into the woods feeding the birds from my hand. A couple of Red-breasted Nuthatches were attracted by the peanuts in my seed mixture, and a White-breasted Nuthatch preferred to take the food from the bench instead.

Blue-headed Vireo

To my surprise I heard the thin, wiry song of a Blue-headed Vireo. I tracked the singer down in a tree near the outhouse and was further surprised to see a Magnolia Warbler darting among the branches! I started pishing to see if either the warbler or the vireo would come closer, and was delighted when the Blue-headed Vireo responded. He came down to the lowest branch of the tree to check me out.

Blue-headed Vireo

These are the best photos I have taken of this species yet, and I was thrilled when I saw them on the computer. I don't think the vireo was as thrilled with the view he had of me!

Blue-headed Vireo

A light rain began falling then, but I was still eager to walk the loop. A Brown Creeper and a couple of Golden-crowned Kinglets were present in the woods, and at the observation dock I was happy to see some Blue-winged Teals with the resident mallards.

Although a short and somewhat drizzly outing, I was happy to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and the autumn woods. The cooperative vireo definitely made my day, and as a result I think the Blue-headed Vireo now ranks among my top favourite birds!

Soul Diasporasoul_diaspora on November 14th, 2010 10:57 pm (UTC)
Congrats on the Blue-Headed Vireo pics. That's a species I haven't had the opportunity to photograph yet. Always nice when birds respond to pishing like that!